GOLDIX bicicleta manivela chainwheel 104BCD MTB Bicicleta Pedaleira Liga de Alumínio Com Fundo 170mm manivela preto 32T 34T 36T 38T placa

Etiquetas: pedaleira mtb, carbono pedaleiro, pedaleira, moto pedaleiro, pedivela sram, manivela, 110bcd pedaleira, carbono pedaleira estrada, bmx manivela, specialized mtb manivela.

R$145.23 R$264.09
  • Disponível
  • n1110

  • Chainwheel dentes: 32/34/36/38T
  • Número Do Modelo: 104BCD
  • Utilização: Bicicletas De Montanha
  • Origem: CN(Origem)
  • Material: Alumínio, liga de alumínio
  • Comprimento da manivela: 170mm
  • Gebrauch: Bicicletas De Montanha
  • Categoria: manivela


Material: liga de alumínio

Especificação: BCD 104mm

Cor: Preto

Manivela: 170mm

Pinhão: 32T / 34T / 36T / 38T/ 40T

Steven Dunn1337
Ordered connecting rods complete with a star of 38 teeth. After receiving the parcel, I found that the paint was scratched on the connecting rod, and the star was absent at all. But there is a deshman carriage unit made of plastic. I asked the seller what the? He started that he sent everything right, that the weight coincides with Tra la la. I tell him that instead of the star I have a plastic carriage and the weight of my parcel also coincides with his data. Why don't I on this card on top of her so she can flattened and then get the star out of her? I opened a dispute and consumed a refund. As a result, Alik only returned me 5.30 euros. The seller p *** r. Do not take this GA **** A. If there's any jamb on his side, what the do you want me to do? On a loving solution to the problem it does not go.
As described, problem resolved quickly and no fuss, many thanks!
Very good.

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